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09 December 2013

US Paras Painting info

Courtesy of Andrew Taylor

Shade; Vallejo Modelcolour USA Field Drab (I think)
Middle; VMC Green Ochre
Highlight; VMC Green Ochre + white
VMC USA Dark Green, add black to shade, and add Dessert yellow to highlight.

Foundry Tan.

Foundry Rawhide.

Hope this helps,


27 April 2011

Compatiblity of figures

Several people have asked about how other manufactures figures fit with the Offensive Miniatures figures, for mixing plastic and metal in the Napoleonic period, but also in other periods. See also our Comarison pages in the Gallery Below is a link to other peoples comments, which are independant, plus a couple of photos for comparison purposes (above). Left hand Picture - Both the metal and painted figures are from Offensive Miniatures range of French and British Naploeonics, for comparison. Right hand picture - US Paras, left hand figure BAM, centre OM and right hand figure Artizan. Also ref US Paras see link below; Hope this is helpful.