New DAK and LRDG figures released

(06/03/2017) We have now released 35 new all metal figures in our Afrika Korps range, as well as new LRDG troopers. ... Read more

NEW - Rioters on the Streets

(10/04/2016) 40 NEW Rioter figures... Read more

New WWII LRDG - 'Scorpions tail'

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Downloadable Rule-set and on the bench update

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NEW French Dragoons - now released

Date: 10 July 2013

Our range of pre 1812 Regulation French Dragoons are now available, including the Command pack, Centre Co and Elite Co (in Bearskins), each pack comes with three different horse variants, and all three figures in each pack are different. We also offer a Unit deal - Check out the gallery and catalogue pages for more information.