New Cyclists out and Defenders Deal!!!

(20/04/2018) The latest edition to our "Defenders of the Reich" range EGVK 903 - 8 cyclists suitable for late war - mix of Heer/Volksgrenadier and HJ. Also see our Defenders of the Reich deal EGVK 900 with two freebies... Read more

NEW Spanish Voluntario Infantry

(07/04/2018) 8 new packs of Peninsular War "Voluntario" infantry, suitable for the period of 1808 to 1813/14. This adds to our range of early period Spanish regular troops,we'll have them with us at Salute!! ... Read more

NEW Volksgrenadiers

(24/03/2018) Two new packs from our "Defenders of the Reich" range - packs EGVK909 and 910 check out the catalogue and gallery for more info, or see us at Salute Stand TB20... Read more

NEW - Defenders of the Reich

(05/01/2018) The first 5 packs of the range are out now, in total we'll have over 70 figures covering Volkssturm, Hitler Youth and Volksgrenadiers. ... Read more

us paras






EUSP 208 "Pathfinders" signals group


from EUSP 207 - Snipers


30 cal team from EUSP 207


EUSP 208 Pathfinder


EUSP 210 US Paras and Jeep


EUSP200 Squad 1


EUSP201 Squad 2


EUSP203 Fire Support Team 1


EUSP204 Fire Support Team 2


EUSP205 Command Pack


EUSP206 Casualty set


Figures with Corgi Legends 1/50th Scale Halftrack


Freebie figure with our special deals


Freebie with deals EUSP099 and EUSP101


From US Paras "Pathfinders" pack EUSP 208


In the Bocage


more 30 cals from EUSP 207


Offensive Miniatures 026.JPG


Offensive Miniatures 027.JPG


Offensive Miniatures 028.JPG


Offensive Miniatures 029.JPG


Offensive Miniatures 030.JPG


Offensive Miniatures 031.JPG


Offensive Miniatures 032.JPG


Offensive Miniatures 033.JPG


Offensive Miniatures 034.JPG


Offensive Miniatures 035.JPG


Offensive Miniatures 036.JPG


Offensive Miniatures 037.JPG


Offensive Miniatures 038.JPG


Offensive Miniatures 039.JPG


Offensive Miniatures 040.JPG


US Jeep


US Paras Jeep scene 1


US Paras Jeep scene 2