14 Mar 2011

"Green Devils" have landed

FJ Platoon deal comprises of 45 figures and 2 "freebies" - Skorzeny and Mussolini, as rescued during the "Gran Sasso" raid, by Elite German Paratroopers. If ordering the full set of 45 figures, use code EGFJ300, not only do you save over £7 on the price for the figures if bought in separate packs, and you also get the fantastic FREE figures automatically included. All figures in the deal are unique, with no repeats and the Platoon deal comprises Command, 3 Squads of 11 figures each, each squad includes 2 MG42 teams, and finally Support Weapons A - MG 42 SF role and 81mm mortar. Check out the gallery for more painted examples (we will be adding more over the next couple of weeks), as well as figures, by pack, in a 'smoked primer' highlighting the great detail on the bare metal figure, they are easier to see in large scale,(just click on the picture). Look out for more releases in the next few months...including PAK40, "Panzer Hunters" and Specialists.