9 Feb 2009


We are pleased to announce that our US Paratroopers deal is still available, to order go Catalogue - Elite - US Paratroopers. For those of you ordering the full set of 48 figures, code EUSP100, not only do you save over £7 on the price you would have paid for the figures if bought in separate packs, but also get this fantastic US Para Officer in A2 Leather flying jacket FREE with your order. All 48 figures in the range are unique, with no repeats.The free figure is automatically included with any order for EUSP100. Whether you are wargamer or just a collector and painter, or both,you will be able to paint these figures to a very high standard. Just see what the talented Andrew Taylor has achieved in picking out the already highly detailed and crisply cast detail on the figures. Andrew has also provided a list of the “key colours” that he used and you can find those listed on the “blog” page; just follow the Home drop down. Check out the gallery for more painted examples, as well as figures, by pack, in a “smoked primer” highlighting the great detail on the bare metal figure, they are easier to see in large scale,(just click on the picture).