4 Mar 2014

New WWII LRDG - 'Scorpions tail'

Building on the range of Elite units of WWII, the latest release is the Long Range Desert Group Chevrolet truck with captured Italian Breda gun - the 20/65 model 35 AA gun - for use as heavy fire support against ground targets, as well as aircraft.

This version was typically deployed in a ratio of one Breda mounted gun for every four standard Chevy vehicles and two jeeps. The model comes with 4 crew figures, including driver and a host of equipment and small arms.

The price is £25 for the kit including vehicle  Breda gun and crew, order code - EBEA 502. Our standard Chevy is available for £22, and a ground mounted version of the Breda with 8th Army crew is available separately for £10. Go to Elite Catalogue, British Eighth Army Tab.